Zebpay review

Zebpay review
Zebpay review

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Zebpay was launched back in 2014 in India. Later, it left this market, got some experience, and restarted the exchange in other regions. Recently, Zebpay returned to its home with new features and offers. Where is Zebpay located now? It’s headquartered in Singapore, there’s also an office in Melbourne, Australia. 

Answering the question “Is Zebpay legit?”, yes, the exchange is legit. Even more, it cooperates with local regulators in different locations. What’s cool, there were no cases of Zebpay down so Zebpay fraud accidents are barely possible. Unlike any Zebpay alternative, this exchange operates in 163 countries. Users from the majority of the regions can get a Zebpay login. Zebpay reviews Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, as well as AUD, EUR, and INR.

Zebpay review

Zebpay fees

Earlier, the system had traditional transaction-based fees. Recently, the exchange changed its pricing model and removed nearly all Zebpay fees. They are set at 0% for deposits and withdrawals in fiat, deposits in crypto, as well as trading. Crypto withdrawal fees differ, for instance, they are 0.00049 for Bitcoin or 0.01 for Litecoin.

Zebpay fees

Is Zebpay safe?

This question is pretty pressing. So, “is Zebpay safe?”. We can say that it cares about the customers, at least. For example, accounts are closely linked with phone numbers and, surely, 2FA methods. The site has many guides and tips that help to recover access in case of losing the device. 

Apart from it, all deals and transfers are protected by a four-digit PIN-code. It adds another protection layer.

Finally, the platform offers users hardware storage for large crypto amounts. 

So we have no reason to suspect Zebpay scam.

Zebpay wallet

Well, but how to use Zebpay? To work with the exchange, you can download the native mobile application or use the web version. It relies heavily on its native wallet so you should complete the verification and add some money to your internal wallet to begin trading. 

Now, we’re moving on to the question “how to buy on Zebpay?”. You can do this via the exchange interface. As well, direct transfers between user wallets are supported. 

If you have any questions, you can contact the Zebpay support. Also, in the lower section of the site, you can find the support email: help.zebpay.com. The Zebpay phone number is unclear. 

As the conclusion of our Zebpay review 2020, let’s note the advantages and disadvantages of this exchange:


  • A referral program;
  • Available in 163 countries;
  • Mobile app with full functionality;
  • Fees are zero for almost all activities;
  • The transaction speed is quite high.
  • Limited liquidity and volumes;
  • A limited number of supported currencies;
  • Not available in the USA.
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