Luno review

Luno review
Luno review

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Luno is a crypto exchange with custody and trading services. Where is Luno located? Overall, it has many offices in different countries, including the UK, Singapore, and South Africa. Here’s the list:

Luno review

With more than 350 experts, the team has been working together since 2013. The site has four versions in different languages: English, Indonesian, French, and Italian. Luno reviews four crypto types that represent the most popular coins:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • BCH

There are different features and restrictions based on the user’s country of residence:

Luno review

Is Luno legit? Yes, it’s supported by big companies and trusted by many users. The cases of Luno down are absent so we can state that Luno scam events are barely possible. Still, you should be careful regardless of our opinion. 

Luno fees

Luno fees have a complex system of charging. You can find rates for sending, receiving, withdrawing, depositing, and trading below:

Luno fees

Luno fees

Talking about Luno limits, they feature restrictions on amounts but not on the number of transactions:

Luno limits

Limits also depend on the user’s account level heavily:

Luno exchange

Is Luno safe?

Answering the question “is Luno safe?”, we listed the major measures that Luno exchange has:

  • Large cold storage for the majority of funds
  • Hot wallets for operational usage
  • 2FA for personal protection of accounts

Luno exchange

Let’s move further. How to use Luno? For this, you should start by obtaining a Luno login. The process is straightforward: sign up, enter your e-mail, get a password, and finalize the registration. Further, you’ll be able to raise the level of your account. For this, provide the following information:

Is Luno safe

Finally, let’s take a look at the Luno support. The company has a data-rich support center with answers to many questions such as “how to buy on Luno?”, “how to increase your account level?”, and so on. However, many users complain that the staff answers slowly and often doesn’t help at all. Moreover, the Luno phone number is absent.

Basically, we haven’t detected any Luno fraud. We hope that this Luno review was useful and you will be able to try the site. Also for comparison, we offer you Luno alternative options such as Coinbase or HitBTC. 

Let’s sum up this Luno review 2020 with pros and cons:


  • A powerful mobile application;
  • Availability of 2FA and other measures;
  • Offices located in different countries.
  • A small number of cryptocurrency pairs;
  • Deposit restrictions.
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