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Bitcoin to USD – places to exchange


Binance review

Binance is a fairly young exchange, which was founded in the spring of 2017. Binance website was registered on the 1st ...

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2 CEX.IO review

CEX.IO review

The platform has been existed since 2013 (since 2015 as crypto-exchange). Where is CEX.IO located? It is registered in ...

3 Coinbase review

Coinbase review

The Coinbase was founded by Brian Armstrong in 2012, and by 2013 it has already been the largest cryptocurrency ...

4 Coinmama review

Coinmama review

Coinmama is a highly specialized exchange thst allows you to buy cryptocurrency. The platform belongs to the Israeli ...

5 Changelly review

Changelly review

The company is relatively new, so many are wondering if it Changelly scam. Although the company itself was created back ...

6 Paxful review

Paxful review

Paxful was established in 2015. It is an American trading platform, which is located in Wilmington, Delaware. Since its ...

7 Kraken review

Kraken review

Kraken is a US-based crypto exchange that supports coins and fiat currencies. Physically, it’s located in San ...

9 Bitstamp review

Bitstamp review

Bitstamp has been operating since 2011. It was registered by the brothers Damijan and Kodric Merlak in Slovenia and ...

10 Bittrex review

Bittrex review

Bittrex is cryptocurrency exchange platform, which has been registered in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2014. Its founders are: ...

11 Yobit review

Yobit review

What is Yobit?This is a fairly well-known exchange of cryptocurrency, which has more than 5 million visitors a month. ...

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12 Luno review

Luno review

Luno is a crypto exchange with custody and trading services. Where is Luno located? Overall, it has many offices in ...

13 Coinbase Pro review

Coinbase Pro review

So what is Coinbase Pro (GDAX)? The Global Digital Asset Exchange was launched in the spring of 2016 the platform has ...

14 Shapeshift review

Shapeshift review

ShapeShift is a Swiss cryptocurrency service for quick exchange of tokens (purchase/sale). Its activities began in late ...

15 Cryptopia review

Cryptopia review

Exchange is closed! Cryptopia was developed as a mining pool in May of 2014 in New Zealand. However, now it functions ...

16 Bitfinex review

Bitfinex review

Bitfinex is one of the most experienced crypto exchanges in the industry. It started back in 2012, faced many issues ...

17 BitFlyer review

BitFlyer review

BitFlyer is a Japanese crypto exchange, the local leader by trading volume and general popularity. Its history began in ...

18 Liqui review

Liqui review

Exchange is closed! Liqui - the Ukrainian exchange, which entered the market relatively recently - in 2016. The ...

19 Binarycent review

Binarycent review

BinaryCent is a relatively young service, which entered the market in early 2016. However, BinaryCent exchange quickly ...

20 BTCmarkets review

BTCmarkets review

BTC Markets is an exchange platform launched in 2013 in Australia. It focuses on the local market, supports AUD, and ...

21 Bit-Z review

Bit-Z review

Bit-Z is a famous cryptocurrency exchange established in 2016. Its location of origin is the British Virgin Islands. ...

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22 BitMEX review

BitMEX review

BitMEX (Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange) was launched in 2014. Its owner is HDR Global Trading Limited. Where is BitMEX ...

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23 Bitpanda review

Bitpanda review

Bitpanda is an Austrian exchange, which began operations in 2014. The site is a brand of Austrian Startup Bitpanda ...

24 review review

Exchange is closed! And immediately let’s start with the question "where is located". This is the Thai ...

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25 review review is one of the crypto market mammoths. It combines the functionality of a wallet with instant transfers ...

26 Coinsquare review

Coinsquare review

This is the Canadian exchange, which began operations in 2014. Is Coinsquare legit? The exchange is registered as ...

27 INDODAX review

INDODAX review

Where is  INDODAX (previously known as located? As we’ve mentioned above, the exchange is located in ...

28 Bitso review

Bitso review

Bitso is a local Mexican crypto exchange launched in 2014. Let’s repeat where is Bitso located: its main office is in ...

29 Zebpay review

Zebpay review

Zebpay was launched back in 2014 in India. Later, it left this market, got some experience, and restarted the exchange ...

30 BitBay review

BitBay review

BitBay is a Polish exchange launched in 2014. The feature of this platform is the opportunity to work with the Polish ...

31 review review is an exchange that allows people from all over the world to sell and buy Bitcoins. It is owned by Bitcoin ...

32 review review

Exchange is closed! The main advantage of this exchange, here you can find more than 300 alternative ...

33 LocalBitcoins review

LocalBitcoins review

LocalBitcoins is a Finnish stock exchange, which has been registered in 2012. The main office located in the city of ...

34 QuadrigaCX review

QuadrigaCX review

Exchange is closed! To start the work of the company, it was necessary to collect 360,000 CAD by the investments. This ...

35 KuCoin review

KuCoin review

KuCoin is an exchange that was established in September 2017. Where is KuCoin located? This is the Hong Kong exchange. ...

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36 IndaCoin review

IndaCoin review

Starting from the main points, let’s answer where is Indacoin located. It was launched in 2014 in the UK. Its current ...

37 review review

Let’s begin this review with the basic questions.  Where is located? The platform has offices in Canada, ...

38 CoinATMRadar review

CoinATMRadar review

The first Bitcoin ATM appeared in 2013 and its number is still growing. Where is CoinATMRadar located? Use link ...

39 OKEx review

OKEx review

OKEx exchange is a Chinese crypto exchange, which separated from the well-known OKCoin platform. This happened ...

40 Bisq review

Bisq review

Bisq (previously Bitsquare) is on the market since 2014, founded by Manfred Carrer. A distinctive feature of this ...

41 Gemini review

Gemini review

Let’s begin with a simple question – where is Gemini located? The main office of the Gemini exchange is in the USA, ...

42 HitBTC review

HitBTC review

Starting from the very basics, let’s reveal where is HitBTC located. The exchange was launched in 2013 in the United ...

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43 Bithumb review

Bithumb review

Bithumb is the leading crypto trading platform in South Korea. According to different estimations, 75% of local ...


Bitcoin is the oldest, the most expensive, and has the largest cap among all top cryptocurrencies. It was designed as an alternative to fiat currencies, and is a global borderless payment system. The BTC price moved from a few cents after its birth in 2009 to over $20,000 in 2017. The Bitcoin to USD chart here shows the current rates, as well as the recent historical prices.

Bitcoins to USD or Stablecoins

Talking about trading options, you should mind two of them:

  1. Crypto-to-fiat. In this case, you will convert Bitcoin to USD via either buying or selling cryptocurrency. This way requires using fiat payment channels like cards or wallets.

  2. Crypto-to-crypto. Here, you can exchange BTC against so-called stablecoins: USDT, USDC, etc. Thus, all operations are blockchain-based, fast, and more private.

Now, it’s possible to trade BTC to USD on nearly all crypto exchanges. You can find the list of these markets with detailed reviews on our site.

BTC/USD Trading

Different exchanges feature different approaches to deals. Below, we list the most popular types of exchanges that trade Bitcoins to USD. Explore them to choose the most convenient one:

  • Brokers. They allow BTC/USD buying and selling but not trading. Brokers are better for newcomers as they have simple interfaces without extra trading features. However, their fees may be too high.

  • Exchanges. These platforms enable all features of Bitcoin to USD trading. They support numerous order types, fiat/crypto plus crypto/crypto deals, and various pairs. Some sites are pretty complex for beginners.

  • P2P networks. These Bitcoin to dollar exchange systems are based on peer-to-peer trading. You can make deals with other users directly. P2P trading functions are limited but banking methods are vast.

If you want to compare different options, feel free to use our reviews. Also, the Bitcoin calculator USD will help you check different rates.

BTC/USD – if you ned te get bitcoin for dollar use our list of trusted exchanges